Half-portrait Anthony Cochrane

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Anthony works quickly and flexibly, usually sitting in on rehearsals and writing on the fly to fit the creative direction that the production is taking.

He's not afraid to bring the scale and grandeur of an epic film score to the stage, but also has a sure ear for a delicate melody or an effective bit of underscoring.

Commissions to date include:

For Film:
The Girl in 2C | Dreadful Sorry

For Dundee Rep:
Beauty & the Beast | Lucy & the Christmas Treasure

For Aquila Theatre Company:
The Invisible Man | Hamlet | Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde | A Very Naughty Greek Play | Twelfth Night | Agamemnon | Othello | The Man Who Would be King | A Midsummer Night’s Dream | The Wrath of Achilles | The Tempest | Much Ado About Nothing | Cyrano De Bergerac | The Iliad | King Lear | Julius Caesar | The Comedy Of Errors | The Odyssey | The Birds

For the Two River Theater Co., New Jersey:
Peer Gynt

For the Tisch School of Drama, NYU:
Henry VI Parts 2 & 3

Music Pages
"Oh, and did I mention he’s probably the best composer of theater soundtracks I’ve ever come across? His score for Much Ado captures the fun Avengers-cum-Goldfinger vibe of the production, but smartly chooses Propellerheads energy and freshness over John Barry authenticity."